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Youth Programs

Youth Programs/Young Adult/School District Faculty:

  1. Middle School Programs
  • Mental Health including Suicide Awareness/Prevention
  • School Year Themed Talks
  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness/Prevention
  • Bullying/Cyber Bullying
  1. High School Programs
  • Drug and Alcohol Education Program for Students
  • Mental Health (Suicide Awareness/Prevention)
  • Motivational (School Year Theme incorporated with my story)
  • Consulting for students showing early signs of substance abuse
  • Sports teams and clubs
  • Faculty Based Speeches (How to approach and help students with addiction or mental
    health issues)
  • Faculty (Inspirational and Educational on Addiction and Mental Health)
  1. Universities/Colleges (Young Adult)
  • Orientation Weekend (Awareness Programs for new students and parents. Drugs and
  • Psychology Departments (Addiction/Mental Health)
  • Medical/Pharmacy Schools (Prescription Pill Addiction)
  • Sports Teams (Motivational)
  • General (Suicide Prevention)