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About Me

Jacob Gland is an Erie, PA native who is a Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Recovery Coach, and a Nationally Certified Interventionist. Not only did he battle addiction for over 11 years, but he is also a suicide survivor.

From humble beginnings (and what you could call a normal upbringing), it wasn’t until his freshman year of college at the University at Buffalo where Jacob began to dabble in the world of drugs – specifically Methamphetamine. Once he got a taste, everything changed and the downward spiral of his life began to take shape. His early 20’s were characterized as “failed attempts at getting and staying clean”. Treating his mental health with drugs and alcohol led to self harm, which almost led to his death. Every day he was playing Russian Roulette with his life.

December 4th, 2017 was a monumental day that would change his life forever. Jacob had made his last attempt, and it is a miracle that he is still here today. Through all the trauma, addiction , and near death experiences he discovered his purpose in all the madness. If he could overcome his demons he had to help those facing similar struggles. God was going to use him to be of service to others through his experience and education.

Jacob went back to school and received his International Masters in Addiction Coaching from The Addictions Academy where he achieved multiple coaching certifications and became a Nationally Certified Interventionist as well. Through his education and training he found his passion in public speaking and mentoring young minds. Jacob lives to impact the lives of others and let them know that it is possible to do the impossible; there is light in the darkness. He is very active online (especially on Facebook) where he creates daily blog posts and live stream videos to speak on life, mental health advocacy, and substance abuse.

Jacob’s passion for life is unparalleled and you can feel it whenever he walks into a room to speak. Every life matters and he will stop to no avail to let people know that they are worth it.

Inspire, educate, and motivate are three aspects of his programs that he wants his audience to take with them. Jacob and Liberty, his PTSD Service Dog are looking forward to you all being a part of their journey.

Remember this…You are Beautiful…You Matter…You are Worth It!